At the Road of Ruin

by Let the World Die

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Sean Naes
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Sean Naes Flagstaff crusty ska !! Miss you guys Mark an Jaime .. Pauly playing shit fast .. Favorite track: BMIS II.
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released April 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Let the World Die Flagstaff, Arizona

Punk/ska, metal band from Flagstaff, AZ.

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Track Name: BMIS
All shall fade away, Cruelty, our certainty.

Deception built upon the greatest fear,
Knowing that no one can be sure,
They gave you the confidence to be cruel.
So soon, the earth begins to crumble,
Under the weight of the mysteries,
Stepping further away to a reality,
Built by those who found immortality,
As we follow them into their domain.

While we try to hide from ourselves,
The loss of intent; a reason to resist.
altered before your eyes,
In every single moment in your life.
Righteousness the sovereignty,
fabricated for themselves,
The stories we hear, stories of pride,
Asking for more to take away.

Another monument rises under the sun,
Into the temple of self divinity,
An eternity of suffering in your eyes,
A sacrifice of unwept serenity.
Our cruel regrets hang in the air,
Choking our senses while we shake.
A place on the pages of transgressions,
For us to keep writing with sincerity.

On our hands and knees we are forced to look away,
Building to satisfy the fantasy, empty lies are justified.
they came around, asking to take us, asking for more to take away.
The insincerity of their teaching; the intent of slavery.

And all shall fade away, into the flames,
Of our devise, of our lies, Reality, beyond our eyes,
Fools with a false apology….
Track Name: LED
...Fed on the lies of a dying world
Track Name: 4th Wave
The blind acceptance of assimilation, profiting from the pain where we all come from;
The oppressors who oppress in their own home; living in the cracks that rising underneath us.
A system of dependence, shrouded as sovereignty, but this government commits the same offenses.
Leaders are failing at a growing rate; becoming more and more selfish and dishonest.
Forgotten promises, just like the rest; feeding us lies that this will work some day.
Making us crawl underneath their leadership, while they mock an honest way of life.
Corruption is what built dystopia, now it's taking us down from inside.
That is why forced this on us, because this is the world they are in control.
A false road, politics of the greedy
A war with our own people
Lying to forget what we already know
Changing to be the worst, Become our own destruction
Taking what is given, the substitution for what was taken away; Even the fundamental law.
A point of history where we’re not ourselves, the value of a simple life is just a dream.
Parading an identity they no longer believe in; the only thing is the entanglement of power.
Generations lost down this road; can you see where this is heading?
Lies and Neglect have been consuming our elders wisdom
For too many years to turn back from the cycle of selling out.
And now they have nothing to pass on in the regrets of old age.
Already repeating the mistakes that require a simpler principle.
We are following in their footsteps, ignorant until our time comes,
To also be deceitful just to keep this world of comfort growing.
We can’t pretend we are innocent in this cycle.
While we weren’t watching, we grew up without any moral.
Exploiting the pride of our people; bleeding your future on your behalf.
Existing as two faces, evading the suffering, until the end
This was the plan all along, to become ruined and more dependent on the bigger system.
Imaging they are the ones in control, while we never grow to care for ourselves. In the end of the fourth world, we’ll be ready to beg for their scraps, until the end.
Track Name: MI 884
The poison passed among us, drains the hope from your eyes.
You're living with wounds left behind, unyielding, until nothing remains.
Just like the innocence missing. Sedated, just to survive,
but surviving is just a waste of time. denying the pain around your mind.
This cure is only a sedative, It follows you everywhere you turn...
We’re infected with this dependency, In the absence of this realization,
we are losing more pieces. Medicine, used without care, is poison.
In the Absence of Love, Nothing will grow. And the sickness flows uninterrupted.
Track Name: BMIS II
More than culture shock existing away from home.
A cruel design perfected ready for stunning growth.
Mandatory boarding schools broke the ties to family and land,
But they also instilled profound confusion of suffering in silence.
Callous remains of childhood! Unsalvageable memories!
Everything seems better but these mistakes in the past are only hidden well.
Too much for a child to handle, what did they do wrong?
In the age of understanding, this practice consumed our civility.
But with all the educators still enforcing the imperial mentality,
They got away with hundreds of years of xenophobic brutality.
Intentional child abuse; the exact means to get the most disruption,
Lowered esteem to mask an identity, propagate the crisis into belief.
All to gain new territory, to be condemned for recreation.
This was continued until it was just accepted as an unyielding reality.
Returning home from a prison, scarred enough for a life time.
Ready to pass the cruelty, beaten into their minds.
Lashing out to a world that harmed them completely,
Creating the instability all around us, seeping until it’s our identity.
Who we were was taken; Replaced by confusion
Waiting in Old age to be reclaimed.
A root that’s rarely talked about; covered up by those,
Who we’re still supposed to trust, with our family.
Descendants of mistreatment; on and on, until
It’s not their fault anymore
It's not anyone's fault anymore, it's your home.
Track Name: IM Power
Is this the end of the story? All of a sudden our words became silence.
As if nothing has recent has been real, easing a life shrouded in violence.
Wandering around under the grey skies, until it is time to rest.
There’s no finding anything around the remains of the past.
But talking to one’s self helps these thoughts move on for a while.
How can we have nothing to show the world after so many years?
There is no great war that will take us away anymore,
And we fought to be taken care of in this state, waiting,
To be carried off, in the distance of a better time, that never existed.
A fantasy, that is shared by everyone else, but who won’t be tempted.
For a better time, in our lives, times have past.
It’s too far for us to remember the realization of a simple prayer.
When our hardship meant we were living with ourselves in check.
A tradition, evolving to thrive as a people depended on everything.
Can you remember a stronger person standing before you, waiting to move out?
But there is no one sitting at home, waiting for their grandchildren to return.
The fires are out in the cold winter days, like no one has been around in years.
As the wind blows, and seeps into the cracks to chill this empty home,
The ground is ghostly, not from the past....
No one can explain, and you know everyone has to deny their roots just to survive,
Maybe this shell of a hollow person doesn’t want the future to remember how it stays alive.
A family, back home. But this home never let the dawn in, a regret too far gone to change,
Now they live in the dark, belonging to something else
hooked on the sounds so deafening it hurts to stand next to them.
Belonging to those watching and waiting for you to fall asleep.
Listening for the silence of the breath that gave life to our stories.